Writing tips for bloggers: How to write freely

Writing tips for bloggers:

How to write every day without sweating or breaking your head:
Writing every day can be daunting because you need to come up with the idea of writing.

Someday you might get an idea immediately and someday you might have to work hard, break your head to come up with the idea.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s is a simple yet effective way for you to come up with the idea almost as instantly as possible.

Pick a reader and write for him or her.


Let me explain.

But before that, let me ask you a question.

How many audiences do you have? Probably, none.

If you struggle to write or come up with an idea to write about, either you don’t have an audience or don’t have the audience defined.

Because to write, you need an audience.

When you have an audience, you can write offering solutions to their problems, pains, and issues, how they can achieve their dreams and wishes, and how they can improve their lives and live better.

Without an audience, you’ll be writing for no one or writing random things, and you’ll struggle to write daily.

First, find your audience and write to him or her.

You’ll never have to worry about what to write. All you need to do is list out what matters to them and write about it.

For example:

Assume your audience is people who want to become digital marketers, you can write about digital marketing strategies, tips, case studies, and what works & doesn’t. That’s the first type of content your audience wants to read.

Then you can write about career growth, learning tips, mindset, mistakes you made & people make, laptop lifestyle, passive income, productivity, freelancing, and so on. It’s the second type of content your audience will be interested in.

And then, you can write about psychology, persuasion, and influence principles, focus, habits, lifestyle, and so on. Those who have reached a certain level in their digital marketing career will appreciate these content.

Here’s a bonus tip:

Don’t settle for one audience.

Ideally, you should have three audiences.

Primary audience: The primary audience is the One who pays or might pay your bills.

For example, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, course creators, consultants, agency owners, and content marketers are my primary audience because I work for them.

Secondary audience: who might become your customers one day

For example, people who want to learn content writing or writing in general and fellow content writers are my secondary audience because if I write a book or create a course, they could become my customers.

Tertiary audience: your broad audience, Tertiary Audience, is someone who might connect you to a potential prospect someday.

For example, digital marketers are my tertiary audience because they might connect me to someone who might need a copywriter someday.

Now, imagine how much you can write for these three audiences?

Would you ever run out of ideas or wonder what to write about if you have three audiences like this?

I don’t think so.

So, don’t just read, like, and comment. Take a notebook and write down your three audiences!


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