Preparing for a digital marketing interview? Here is some tips for you

Are you preparing for a digital marketing interview?


If you are Preparing for a digital marketing interview then there are many things like audit reports and strategies you must know about.

Essential Tips for a digital marketing interview:

  • Brush SEO theory question (1%)
  • Technical (sitemap, robots. txt Syntax ( must know), on-off page factors and more
  • If you have a project, then show to them
  • Answer questions straight forward – if they will say Elaborate then elaborate

If you’re attending a product/service based company interview, go through their website / social media.

Come up with an audit report and suggest them content strategies to rank better on Google. Also, prepare a social media calendar for at least the next month with three ideas for engagement on social media.

Suggest the latest trends in digital marketing and ask them to invest in Quora / LinkedIn marketing if it makes sense to their industry.

Overall know the ins and outs of their Company. Know the following on Instagram. Talk about some campaign they pulled off recently, which was terrific. Brands love to hear how much you know about them.

Before starting the interview, ask them what’s their main motto or objective to hire digital marketing. 

Every business has different needs. Asking this, you will know what they want, and it will make it more comfortable for both of you to communicate on what’s expected and what you can deliver. So you will only talk on terms of SMM is needed and not Google analytics and other kinds of stuff.

Learn about their line of business. Also, some research on their Digital presence maybe some competitors and, most importantly, play cool buddy..! This is an opportunity to get a job or the experience to handle the next one.

An employee is an asset to a company.

The interviewer will be looking at two things if you are hired

1) your contribution to the Company’s growth

2) whether you have the potential to lead.

So how to go about it.

You can straight away tell them if they hire you…. how your ( knowledge and experience)can help them in achieving their forecasted turnover/growth.

Explain to them how you can do it. ( here technical aspects would come in… site audit, brand presence in all platforms, product knowledge, etc.)

2) your growth in the Company. Tell them where you won’t reach in the next 5years, in terms of organizational growth. Ask them how they can help you to achieve your goals.

Interviewers look at aspects like whether you can be molded into the organization culture, whether you are a team player, your eagerness to learn and grow, and above all, whether you can play a role in the organization’s growth.

Most important focus on Body language, answer properly without confusion, if you don’t know the answer, say I Don’t Know, don’t answer in deeply/details. All the best for your interview 

Note- Always ask questions to the employer regarding after interview next process, joining date if selected, department, etc. It’ll show your passion & dedication Towards Company & work, which can increase your selection chances.

Basics of SEO, SMO can give you a boost.

Tell the importance of digital marketing effectively.

And why they hire you?

It would be best if you said i have different ideas on how to promote our Company, give examples – like start case studies in our blog

How a hashtag matters a lot.

 Patience – Smile – confident- Happy 

Keep all concepts clear. Be Confident Be You.

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