How to work on Fiverr: Step by Step Guide

Fiverr Freenalceing tips: Step by Step Guide
Step by step guide

How to work on Fiverr: Step by Step Guide
Niche, keyword research less competitive high selling gigs.

Topic: SEO

Fiverr is a money-making machine if you run it wisely.

Your primary focus is to find the niche, keywords having less number of gigs.

How you find keywords or niche? Remember, your competitors are your best source to find your keyword.

For example, I searched keyword research on Fiverr or went to category digital marketing >> SEO >> and subcategories.

I pick the suggested keywords, related terms, keywords from the title of top competitors, the tag used by my competitors.

now I will search all these selected keywords on Fiverr if I will find any gap I will start my next calculation

let say I find the niche “keywords for amazon affiliate site.”

now I will begin to my count again 🙂

I will calculate the number of order in the queue on my all picked keywords: try to find the best low competitive and high selling keywords

this line is very, very important: try to find those niches having less number of gigs and more orders in queue.

Now you have got keywords what next? 

Start planning:

Start analyzing your top competitors

list down the categories in which your competitors are making.

Like: some people are making gigs on keyword research but those categorized as “competitors analysis.”

this is also a crucial part.

Gig creation, tracking your position

while writing part#1 20 orders marked on the first gig and now four more down.

As we discuss in the early part how we can find the low, competitive high selling niches, keywords

nowhere is a detailed guide, tips tricks.

First of all your most prominent tension is gig images 

Never Ever forgot your competitors.

Go to your competitor’s gig at least pick 4 to 5 concerts having right elements in images

yes, features, we not going to copy anyone gig but elements.


First of all, write your main keyword instead of writing the complete title and save your gig.

Pros: your permalink will be saved as your keyword, and your permalink is short as well

now update your title like this :

I will do +unique word +niche or main keyword+secondly keyword+time (optional)


Use your main keyword in the start, also use other keywords in the specification as well

make your description professional


Use your niche or main keyword as the first tag, and the rest of 4 pins will be your top 4 competitors first tag

open top competitors pick the first or most relevant badge and past it in tag section pick only one badge from each gig.

Add as much detail as in your gig: add three types of packages, add some images of your work, if there is any sample file, also attach a sample file

add questions and answers as well as put the keywords in the response of your item.

Now publish the gig.

But this is the old method everyone knows this method:

As I mentioned in the first part, that category is very, very important.

Sometimes most people select the wrong category, so play wisely.

Make seven gigs on the same topic (low, competitive high sale) your probability of getting orders is high 🙂

now start some calculation :

If there is 100 gigs on the XYZ keyword and also have decent sales if you put your seven gigs into those 100, what is the possibility that the buyer will pick your gig?

7/100 = 7%

But if there are 10000 gigs and you put your seven gigs into 10000, then what is the probability of getting an order?

7/10000 = 0.07%

ask your self who is the winner? 7% or 0.07%

now after putting your all ball in one basket trying to find your ball from the basket

Gigs ranking, the process of taking order or review, dead gig:

Gig Ranking :

As I already mentioned in the last part that you should track your gigs on your principal and secondary keywords manually.

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