Fiverr Tips: Get your first Fivver Order.

Fiverr tips to get your first Fiverr order: Simple Cool Tips.

Fiverr Tips: Get your first Fivver Order.

In this post, I am going to share some Fiverr tips to get started on Fiverr
and how you can get your first Fiverr order. 

Everything I am going to share is all I gained from my own experience.

Below is the best nine tips to get four first Fiverr Order. 

  • 1. Make a captivating proposal along with your portfolio.
  • 2. Send ten buyer requests daily.
  • 3. Be always online. (maximum)
  • 4. Keep your price down.
  • 5. Keep your aims high (never give up until you get the order, keep trying)
  • 6. Don’t look at others. Know your worth. think positive
  • 7. Only apply to the jobs in which you know you have experience and you are better than all sellers.
  • 8. After receiving a message from the buyer. Be gentle and deal-friendly. Don’t call them sir or mam, take their names, like Hi Paul, if you don’t know their name ask for it. May I know your name?
  • 9. Don’t talk about the budget after receiving a message. Talk about their requirements and what they are expecting “how should be the end product.

That’s not the end.

Here is my other Fiverr tips/ strategy which you can follow to get your first Fiverr order

Your profile must be well optimized. 

You have to Connect all required social profile with Fiverr and have to write a good bio.

Now Create your first gig, search for the best selling gigs and get idea from them. Merge those titles and create unique titles for your gigs.

The main reason to do this is to be unique, which help to boost CTR. (People click on your gig because of title and image, and it boosts CTR and CTR boosts ranking).

Before Creating gig, you must create one gig image in Photoshop or any other tools. You can get the idea from Fiverr itself.

Whenever you title your gig, it becomes permanent permalink of your gig. (Having keyword and short permalink is a plus point in SEO).

For example: if your service is keyword research, and you want to have only “keyword research” in permalink then title your gig “I will keyword research”. And save the gig. 

Now, your gig’s permalink is

Then appropriately title your gig.

Permalink must be short and sweet. 

Now move to the gig’s tags. 

Just copy tags from some best selling gigs (1 tag per gig). 

Also, enter your keyword in the search bar, and you will get some keywords from there. 

Be unique, don’t copy just get inspiration. 

Copying gig tags is not copying. But copying the whole gig is copying.

Now you are done with title and tags. 

Let’s move to the description section.

This is the central part where you need to be creative. 

This is the part where you convince the buyer to order your gig. First, describe who you are and what are you offering actually. Then write down the features of your gig.

Don’t copy the description of any gig at all, and I said NO. 

Fiverr is good at detecting plagiarism. 

See how they detect the words when you ask for email, money or contact etc.

Write a killer description. Use the word “YOU” “TODAY” to grab their attention. It is the art of copywriting (google it).

For example; Are YOU looking for best PBN links but YOU found nobody to be legit. 

YOU are not sure whether those link or good for YOUR blog or not. Then YOU should use my service TODAY. 

(Makes no sense of using word “today” but it adds value.)

Introduce yourself: I am Paul Christ. I have seven years of experience etc. 

Bold the words that are important. And highlight them.

Don’t forget to add the keyword in title, tags and description first and last 2-4 sentences. 

And rest of the description will be naturally optimized with the usage of keyword.

Why are we doing all this? We can get orders with less effort.

Yes, you are right. But your goal is to be unique, to do long term work, to beat the competition, to drive orders on autopilot, to achieve a high level.

When you are finished with description, add FAQs. Make sure to add the keyword at least one time in FAQs. 

Add the FAQs to the limit. It makes you different.

And uniqueness is key to success on Fiverr.

Don’t price high.

Tip; the Basic package should have a $5 price. It boosts CTR.

There is no rocket science here. All you need to do is price LOW and set the delivery time one day. 

If you use VIDEO instead of images, it will boosts sales (orders).

Majority of buyers on Fiverr are stupid. And you have to bear their rudeness. 

They are in a hurry and need a cheap freelancer — this why they are on Fiverr. (Fiverr originated from number 5. Mean every service in $5. Now the concept is changed).

That’s all for now.

I know it is very lengthy, but it is life-changing. I think it is an ultimate Fiverr tip. If you are still thinking to buy Fiverr course, then you are the only one fool on Earth.

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