Facebook Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners.

Facebook Ads tips for beginners: Guide to Advertising on Facebook
Facebook Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Before we start with the Facebook Ads tips

Understand some necessary thing which may help you to avoid losing revenue in your online store.

Build out your backend first, get everything set up before you spend money on ads. 

Build your email automation out, get the right apps in place (upsells, cross-sells, social-proof, urgency, whatever), test it all out before launch. 

So many methods out there for dropshipping. 

I’ll stress that consistency is vital. Pick a method for testing products, pick a technique for scaling, and stick to them if they work for you. 

If you’re new, avoid gut feelings on what you think should work, and let the market tell you what they want based on data and testing. 

If you’re not a fantastic copywriter, I recommend hiring someone to help out or research some templates that you can change up and make your own. There’s tons of info with GOOGLE.

So now we can begin with the tips.

8 Tips You Should Know Before Starting Your Facebook Ads

1- Do Market research:

In the beginning, focus on research: 

Do thorough market research, customer research and competitor research. 

This will give you invaluable tips for the future:

 which audience to target, how to differentiate yourself with a unique offer and which niche is the most profitable. 

Many questions you might have now will be very easy to answer once you do the research.

2-Understand Your customer Behavior:

Did you take the time to study your product niche?

Whether you start a single product or multiple product stores, it’s immaterial but did you study your products. 

If you are selling within the pet niche, do you know how many dog or cat breeds there are overall within Facebook?.

All drop shippers do is target pet lovers and assume they will have success with this method. 

There are over 50 Million dog lovers on Facebook, but not all of them are buyers. So get to know your target audience more in detail.

3-Your Ads Need at Least 3 Days Testing to Know where is Your Right Audience even If Your Target is 99% Right.

When you create a Facebook Ads, you can target an audience by demographics, characteristics, etc.! 

It may help to add tags relevant to your business to get more interested customers.

But before that, i suggest you start with Google ads and generate sales from people looking for your type of product. 

Then use the data to build a custom audience on Facebook, then further create a lookalike audience to target.

There is a course of Facebook ads on YouTube, which i highly recommend you. Facebook Ads Course by Oberlo.

4- Don’t Run Ad Before Midnight with Big Budget Because Your Budget will Run in Few Minutes without Getting Good Results:

I see lots of people starting Facebook ads immediately after they create them.

This is a rookie mistake! Set your ads on a schedule and have them launch at midnight in your timezone. 

If you start Facebook Ads hours before the start of your new day, then Facebook will try to blow through most of your ad budget optimizing.

I create most of my Ads at night, and when starting, I did the same thing. 

This has saved me thousands each month and helps Facebook optimize my Ads much more efficiently because it has a full 24 hours on the first day. 

This is especially crucial if you set your conversion windows to only one day.

5- Start with Small Budget and Increase:

Start with a minimal budget, like 5 or 10 dollars, whatever the smallest they will allow total and maximize the daily allowance in that budget. 

For the details, you have to narrow down your target market. 

  • Whom do you want to see your ad and contact you? 
  • How old are they? What do they like? 
  • Hobbies? 
  • Male/female?
  • Geographic region? 

You dont want it too narrow because then you’ll have a hard time reaching new customers but if you leave it too broad trying to get everybody you ultimately won’t reach the audience that would work best for you.

6- Follow Your Results and Manage Your Ads to Get the Best Results:

Start small, test as much as you can, get rid of what doesn’t work, scale what works.

7- IN The First Do Test campaign Don’t Let Facebook increase Your Budget by customizing:

You should make sure you install your Facebook pixel on ALL of your pages, and it’s so much more comfortable and better to retarget people who are already interested in your service/product.

The perfect strategy would be to start increasing your ad spend gradually, but don’t get ahead of your self! 

These increases will help you build your data through FB Pixel, after which, I would highly recommend that you do custom audiences from those who viewed your ‘add to cart’ page. 

From that audience, you should make a lookalike audience and run them conversion ads, then will you see the magic!

8- Don’t Leave the Ads Run Itself and Don’t Think That You are the Expert who can Get always the Best Results:

Don’t stop learning. Anyone can fuel their business growth with Facebook ads, as long as they’re willing to learn the basics.

You can Learn Marketing in 1 Year, but you may spend your Life to Be Expert in Marketing.

Happy Learning-Happy Earning.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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