How to grow 100K Instagram Followers in 2020

100k Instagram Followers Growing tips: Not Free
How to grow 100K Instagram Followers in 2020

Quickly get 100k Instagram Followers with this simple Tricks.

Hello everybody!

As you all know, there are lots of tricks & tips on the internet to grow your Instagram audience some fake, some paid, and some did not even work.

This post is about growing 100K Instagram followers in less time with some promotion & with some simple tricks.

With the help of these tips, you can pull up to 100K Instagram followers in 24 hours promotion.

Now the time has come where I explain how you can do this, if you so choose, you could do it too. 

I am going to give you a ridiculous amount of value here.

How can you get 100k Instagram followers.?

  • Shoutouts & promotions.
  •  Find the big meme pages & influencers.

How it works: (This is the stuff no one will tell you)

There are two different kinds of promotions you can typically buy from influencers/meme pages.

1. “Shoutouts.”

  • A shoutout is a post with CTA (Call To Action) to follow your account.
  • Usually sold in how many hrs the post will be up on their page.

2. “Promos.”

  • Promos are the same thing as shoutouts, but instead of you paying for a set amount of time or posts;
  • You pay the influencer for a GUARANTEED amount of followers.
  • They keep doing shoutouts until the full amount of promo is gained.

What you want to buy from them are promos.

Finding influencers to buy from.

The way you do this is actually pretty simple, and I’m going to make it even simpler for you;

  • If you’re able to find one influencer to promote with and buy from, you’re ready to see them all.
  • Due to the way they grow their pages (they do what’s called “SFS” or “shoutout for shoutout”) where they give each other shoutouts and cross-promote their pages to gain followers.
  • If you find one influencer, 9/10 times, they will be connected with, following, or cross-promoting with a bunch of other influencers.
  • Just follow all the ones they are connected with, and soon you have a considerable list of influencers who you can reach out to and buy from.

How to buy them:

What you do once you have a network of influencers is;

  • You reach out to a bunch of them on either IG DM’s, Kik or Telegram.
  • Send them a message saying something like, “Hey I’m looking to buy a 10K follower promo for my account @username, can you let me know your prices.”
  • You narrow it down to the ones you trust the most and can show references etc.
  • You agree on a promo size for your account, pay then start growing.

How to do the deal:

 As you go down this road, you’ll soon find out that many of the people who own these meme pages are still in high school, and can sometimes be quite hard to deal with due to not yet developing moral compasses or people skills. 

Make sure you follow the following guidelines when buying promotions.

1. ALWAYS pay with a secure payment method, it doesn’t matter what these influencers tell you the industry standard is PayPal Goods and services. 

Many times they’ll ask you to send as friends and family, but all this is going to do is make sure your money is unsecured and can’t be charged back, leaving them with no reason to do what they’ve agreed to.

2. When you first start with an influencer, make sure to buy no more than 5K followers, and first see if they can deliver that, if they come through and do it, go ahead and do a more considerable promotion with them.

Industry-standard pricing:

Unless you’re like me and you buy millions of followers a month, the pricing you want to aim to buy for is around $60-100/1K followers, anything cheaper is most likely not going to be reliable and won’t be worth it, could be a scam or ripoff.

Making sure you don’t get screwed:

1. If an influencer is unreliable and you have to chase them down to get them to deliver, get rid of them and move onto the next.

2. Watch out for fake followers; Some of them will pretend to fulfill and end up buying you a bunch of BS garbage bot followers and act as they grew you. 

Just watch out for Brazilian, Indian, new, or Russian/Chinese accounts with no posts. Fakes are pretty easy to spot. You’ll know when they are sending them.

And that is how you can do it yourself to get 100k Instagram Followers within no time.

Understand that this is all I do every day, and over the years, I have built a considerable network of influencers I work with to do promotions like this for my clients, so for me to do it is a lot easier/cheaper than if it were just some random person.

With what I’ve given you above, if executed properly, you can quickly gain you 1,000’s of followers a day.

Just remember it’s hard to even for someone who does this full time, to work with and manage these influencers, but nothing is impossible. So give a try.

Note: For personal brands or brands with broad appealing products, i have seen it be a beneficial TOF model.

It’s also great for people who want the vanity follower count and don’t care as much about selling things to their audience. 

Having a lot of followers can get you on more podcasts, tv news, get you into retail locations, and a bunch of other things that you wouldn’t get if you only have a few thousand followers no matter how engaged they are.

I hope you like this post of 

If you have any other questions, drop a comment, and I will do my best to answer.

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